Friday, 30 January 2009 14:33


Reading the report in this week’s Advertiser about the proposed developments around the town has got me wondering whether common sense has been forgotten in an effort for a few people to make a lot of money. The government says we need more houses and apparently we have to have them here. Why is it that we need to lose agricultural fields when there’s plenty of brown-field sites that could more easily be re-developed?

And it’s not just in Buckingham but Winslow that looks like it’s going to be swamped. Over 3,000 homes are included in the proposal to develop the old airfield site. That’s more homes than currently make up Winslow itself!

Quite simply the proposed developments must be stopped. They make no sense and can only be to the detriment of these market towns.


Friday, 02 January 2009 14:35


In the wake of the Christmas announcement, Woolworths in Buckingham closed its doors earlier this week. The store that has been the heart of so many high streets in Britain is finally gone.

It seemed a little surreal the other day as I watched in bemused wonder someone walking down the road with a large Woolworths sale sign - an odd memento, but I assume that’s what it was. They seemed to be selling literally everything.

I’m not sure what this will mean for the town, but it’s an ominous warning that nothing in this world is certain. Even those things that seem permanent can disappear. The loss of Woolworths, which to be honest seemed to have lost its way in the last few years, will certainly have knock-on effects for other businesses.

There has been talk suggesting that people actually came to Buckingham to shop because of Woolworths. I don’t think I subscribe to that view personally, but it was comforting knowing that it was there. The only other shop that could claim to have the same effect on a community would be the Post Office. Let’s hope that we don’t see the loss of that too!